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MP7000으로 붐비는 매장에서 계산원과 구매객이 그 어느 때보다 빠르고 편리하게 계산할 수 있도록 지원하십시오.



Long scanner and scanner/scale:
20 in. L x 11.5 in. W x 4.00 in. D x 5.00 in. H
506 mm L x 292 mm W x 102 mm D x 128 mm H

Medium scanner and scanner/scale:
15.7 in. L x 11.5 in. W x 4.00 in. D x 5.00 in. H
398 mm L x 292 mm W x 102 mm D x 128 mm H

Short scanner:
13.9 in. L x 11.5 in. W x 4.00 in. D x 5.00 in. H
351 mm L x 292 mm W x 102 mm D x 128 mm H

Weight Long scanner: 14.6 lb/6.6 kg
Long scanner/scale: 17.6 lb/8.0 kg
Medium scanner: 12.6 lb/5.7 kg
Medium scanner/scale: 15.7 lb/7.1 kg
Short scanner: 12.1 lb/5.5 kg

30 lb in 0.01 lb increments/15 kg in 5 g increments
Maximum static weight: 300 lb/136 kg
Single-cable and dual-cable protocols
Compatible with Mettler price computational scales

0-12 lb in 0.005 lb increments and 12-30 lb in 0.01 lb increments
0-6 kg in 2 g increments and 6-15 kg in 5 g increments
Single-head and dual-head remote scale displays

Horizontal Glass Sapphire; produce flip-up bar on scale models  
User Interface Soft touch capacitive pads (no buttons to break or wear out)
Large two-color LED
Beeper: adjustable volume and beep tones
Four programmable buttons
Ports One shared POS port for USB/RS-232/IBM RS-485
Three USB peripheral ports
Two powered RS-232 peripheral ports
Checkpoint interlock port
Remote scale display port

12VDC from POS interface cable
(USB PlusPower or RS-232)

Zebra PWR-BGA12V50W0WW power supply:
90V - 264V (110-240 nominal),
47-63Hz (50-60 nominal)

Power consumption:
Idle mode: 3.0 W (typical)
Active mode: 5.5 W (typical), 6.0 W (maximum, only when illumination is on)
Typical usage power = 3.5 W, assuming 18% active, and 82% idle

Resolution 2.3 Megapixel  
Frame Rate Image capture synchronization with MP7000 scanner at 45 frames per second  
Interface Industry standard USB 3 Type-C  
Illumination White LED  
Orientation Landscape or Portrait  
Image Format JPEG and BMP  
Type Multiple CMOS Array Imager  
Illumination Intelligent Illumination, controlled by item detection system  
Side Read/Scan Zone Reading of linear and 2D codes in all planes  
Digimarc Digimarc barcode